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Christmas Crafting

by on November 6, 2013

So Christmas is just around the corner, and here an Pin Perfect life we DO spend a lot of time on Pinterest. While our experiments may not always turn out (thus lending themselves to some really great new blog posts) sometimes we get an idea and it works.

I’m working on a family advent calendar of the sorts. I also did my yearly making of the children’s advent calendars from left over Halloween candy. The idea for the family calendar came about after seeing 24 Christmas books wrapped in Christmas paper so that you open and read one each day. I liked that idea, but expanded it to be a full 24 days of Christmas family activities.


Each day we will do something as a family. I made our own Christmas Movie Bingo that we can play, I purchased a new Christmas movie used from Amazon (we always get 1 new Christmas movie each year), I included the girls Santa pictures as one night, and the list goes on. I figured I’d share my calendar and what I am doing for each night. I don’t have everything assembled yet, but I still have a couple weeks to get it all together.


I just made the calendar in MS Word and added the graphics. It’s simple, but I don’t need anything super complicated for this. I then had it printed and used our at home laminator to laminate each copy so that they are protected. While I had the laminator out I laminated the bingo cards, also created in MS Word.

ImageI put these in a box and then labeled it with the date it is scheduled for on our calendar.

ImageI also gathered the stuff for a few of the other days.


I have everything I have completed so far gathered in a big green bucket. Each item is wrapped and then labeled for the date it is to be used. The coffee cups are for hot chocolate and Christmas lights. I found 4 ounce cups on Amazon and ordered those for the girls and then used disposable ones for the hubby and myself. I wrapped each one and labeled them by person and with the same date.

I used white computer labels I’d picked up at Dollar Tree for the labels. It was just easier for me. I could have done something fancy, but I figure we’re going to rip the paper off anyway, might as well make it more visible than fashionable.

I still have a few things to get: gingerbread house kits, gift cards for the store that we will be shopping in, stuff along those lines so that the girls have something they can open each day, even if they have to open one thing together.

For their personal advent calendars, I have made them from left over Halloween candy for the past couple years. Typically I get small paper cups from Dollar Tree, as well as foam board, tissue paper and glue. Then I glue the cups to the foam board in the pattern of the calender for December that year. Let that dry. Inside each cup goes a piece of candy. Then you apply glue to the rim of the paper cup and attach the tissue paper. Once dry, the children can then punch through a cup a day for a single piece of candy.

This year, I decided to try paper cups. I bought enough cups to make 50 containers. I trimmed the rim off the top of the cup, then sliced them around the edge so that the cut went about half the distance of the side and were spaced about 1″ apart.


Inside each cup went a piece of leftover candy. I started with one strip and folded it down. I did this in order all the way around the cup then put on a piece of tape.


Once they were all assembled, I used my trusty while mailing labels and numbered them 1-24. Now they’ll each get a basket with the cups and will have to find the one for that day in order to open it. Nothing like working learning into your fun. 🙂


So that’s it for my family advent adventures for this Christmas season. I’ll keep posting things I get done as I finish them. Until then, what traditions do you have in your family for the holidays?


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