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The difference between boys and girls…

by on July 18, 2013

I’m always being told by my friends that have boys how different my girls act. I always kinda laugh because I don’t feel like they’re all that different. I know my perspective comes from only being around the girls all the time, but still, they’re pretty rough and tumble.

This is evident to me on a daily basis as they seem to think that fart jokes are the epitome of high class humor. Can’t really blame them for that, but the hundredth fake fart gets old.

Today’s example of how unladylike my ladies truly are comes from our drive home. Husband drops the ladies off at pre-school every morning and I usually collect them to bring them home at the end of the work day. (Our pre-school is open 10 hours a day. It’s an actual school, they work on letters and everything else you find in pre-schools. Both girls can now write their name and are just starting to learn to read. They know all their letters and stuff, blah blah blah. AWESOME school, great teachers, and expensive…)

Anyway, the ladies are in the back discussing their day of dinosaur making and poking each other when it went quiet for a minute. Usually they’re really chatty so I take notice when something’s off. Suddenly I hear, from Miss Phoebe in her little Phoebe voice:”Hey. Look at my butt.”

Edie giggles and says “OH! I smelled it and it STINKS!”

Phoebe giggles and replies “smell it again”.


“Do it again.”


“Do it again.”


This went on for like two miles.TWO MILES! In rush hour traffic, which isn’t the same as big city traffic in our little burg, but it still takes at least 20 minutes to go 4 miles.

So this proves that my girls aren’t as delicate as they pretend to be around other people. I can only hope that this trend continues through their lives and they hang out with the awesome boys instead of the douchey ones.

For now I’m happy to have my 3 1/2-year-olds laughing at farts and giggling about stinky butts. Image


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